Pietro Ambrosioni has a background in motorsports journalism and  professional photography and he has been working in the motorcycle industry since 1989.

“In the last 30+ years I’ve done anything one could possibly do in this industry: I started racing motocross at local level and turned my passion into a real job, becoming a journalist and a professional photographer in the AMA Supercross series in the United States. My work has been published worldwide, from Europe to the US, from Asia to South America and Africa. To be honest, my real expertise lays beyond writing stories and shooting nice pictures. The one thing that sets me apart from anybody else is the deep knowledge of the market and the large network of people that I was able to create after all these years working in the motorcycle business at any possible level: from street rep to dealership manager, from product developer to manufacturing inspector over in Asia, from sales and marketing director to head of global communication for one of the largest and most successful groups in the industry. This is who I am: when it comes to motorcycles I can honestly say “Been there, done that” – Pietro